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Back in March we had a post on how the Cubs were going to use dynamic pricing to sell bleacher seats this season. That post apparently caught the attention of someone at SeatGeek, a ticket search engine, and led to me getting the following email:

I’ve followed your past coverage of the Cubs’ decision to bring dynamic pricing to Wrigley Field bleacher seats this season, and I wanted to share with you a comprehensive White Paper that SeatGeek has compiled to help identify the real factors driving dynamic pricing at Wrigley Field.

As the Cubs official website says, a dynamic pricing system allows the team to adjust ticket prices based on “changing market factors.” But what does that really mean? We’re a ticket search engine that aggregates data from over 60+ ticket providers, so we recently ran an analysis to tease out the true factors driving variable pricing of Bleacher tickets this season.

In the attached “Bleacher Bum Economics” report, we examine how the Cubs valued bleacher tickets by day of the week, quality of opponent, and time of day. We’ve also identified a few tips and tricks that Cubs fans can use to save money on Bleacher tickets. For example, we learned that tickets for games on a Saturday are 5x as expensive as Monday games, so picking an early-week game is a great way to consistently find good deals on bleacher seats. We’ve included more tips in the report beyond just these mentioned above as well.

I’m in all favor of finding a bargain in going to a ballgame, but are we really giving away Ricketts family secrets here?


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